Plugging & Masking

At Electro Polish Company we handle all different kinds of parts, jobs and customers. Some parts require areas to NOT be finished by our processes.

About Plugging & Masking

Tapped holes, areas requiring electrical conductivity and sometimes just for looks a part might need taped or plugged. We have all the plugs your parts desire. We have skilled craftsmen to tape the most intricate areas. We don’t mind bragging, so we’re going to tell you we’re the best you can get for masking your part. If we can’t find a way to mask it, it can’t be done by human hands.

Masking isn’t guaranteed as the variables escalate with the more attention a part requires. But our process is streamlined to compete with these variables for minimal seepage.

Got A Job For Us?

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From the moment you contact us to delivery of your finished piece, our focus is on excellent results and diligent customer service.